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Brunette hottie with a firm little ass

I placed an ad in the local newspaper looking for lingerie models, (at least that is what I tell the girls). As I was on the phone booking a potential model, in walks this long legged brunette hottie. When she turned to close the door and I got to see her short black mini skirt from behind, my meat monster began to awaken inside my pants and I never heard a word the woman was saying on the phone. I quickly ended my phone call and this brunette beauty now had my undivided attention. I ran through the interview as quickly as possible. I just couldn’t wait any longer to do some test shots, for I was dying to see what lies underneath her little black skirt. I told Taylor to relax, have fun in front of the camera, and to do whatever came to mind. Little did I know just what a dirty mind this brunette beauty has.

When Taylor bent over and lifted her skirt up over her firm little ass, my meat monster was wide awake and pushing on my zipper begging to be let out. It took all I had not to drop my camera, run right over to her, and fuck her tight little ass hard and deep. Taylor noticed I was rock hard and ready for some action and this excited her. From that moment on, I had no doubt she was going to let me tap that firm little ass of hers.

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I went out clubbing with some of the guys. We went to this new and very trendy club and that is where I met Tyla. She was there with a bunch of her friends acting all wild and crazy. There was no doubt that these ladies were looking for some action. I approached Tyla and bought her a drink. We talked for a bit and she proceeded to tell me that she was getting married in a few days. As we continued to chat, in the back of my mind, I kept thinking how cool it would be to fuck this beautiful bride-to-be before her wedding night. So, I turned on the charm and played the game. She fell right for it too and it wasn’t long before she was saying goodnight to her friends and coming home with me.

As we were in the elevator on the way up to my apartment, she was all over me. Rubbing my cock through my pants as we kissed. She was one horny little whore and I couldn’t wait to get her undressed. As I unlocked the door, she was already taking off her shirt. She was hungry for my cock and wanted it right then and there.

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We get inside my apartment and right away she was on her knees unbuttoning my pants, quickly pulling them down. I could hardly wait to shove my rock hard cock deep down her throat. She started sucking my cock fast and then slowing down to take my cock deep in her throat. It wasn’t the best blowjob I’ve ever had, but she was one hell of a good fuck.

I fucked her hard and deep. Plowing my thick throbbing cock deep into her precious pink, stretching her tight pussy with each thrust. She moaned and begged for me to fuck her harder and deeper. When my cock was nice and wet with warm pussy juice, I shoved my cock deep into her tight little ass. She moaned even louder and kept saying, “Oh yeah baby! Fuck my tight little ass harder!”. This little anal whore even licked my cock clean of her ass juice after I shot a healthy load of baby batter all over her pretty little face.

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Flexible hottie gets ass fucked hard

One day I was at the gym watching the girls as I usually do while working out. That particular morning there wasn’t anything really interesting to look at and I was beginning to get bored. Running on the treadmill and using the stair climber just really bores the hell out of me. I’d rather be lifting weights than running my cardio routine. Just as my mind started drifting off thinking about the things I had to do later that day, this big tit cutie walks right past me. I almost tripped on the treadmill as I watched her walk past and shake that little ass of hers. I have never seen this chick in the gym before. I noticed that she walked over to one of the classrooms. Luckily for me there was a water fountain nearby and that gave me the perfect excuse to go have a look.

I watched as she began her stretches. This big tit long legged babe definitely stood out in the classroom. She was extremely flexible and as I continued to watch her all I could think about was all the fun we could have as I turned her into a human pretzel, fucking the hell out of that firm little ass of hers. A few times she almost caught me staring at her as I watched her do her exercise routine. Right as her class was beginning to finish, she looked at me and winked. She caught me. I was busted.

After class, I introduced myself to her. We agreed to have coffee after we both showered. Needless to say, our innocent little coffee date, soon led to me bringing her home. My fantasy I had earlier of turning this flexible babe into a human pretzel as I fucked that tight little ass of hers every which way, became a reality that afternoon.

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Roxetta is a fiery redhead with big tits that answered one of our ads. She is a cutie with a tough exterior. She walked through the door filled with attitude and I could tell right away she was going to be interesting to work with. We asked her if she has ever done a porno before and she got a big smile on her face and proudly began to tell us who she worked for and what she did. You could see the excitement in her eyes as she described one of her favorite scenes where she was getting her tight little ass pounded by a rather large black guy. This chick definitely loved anal sex more than anything in the world.

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A few weeks later, Roxetta was back in the studio to make a porno with us. It was such a beautiful day outside, so we decided to film outside for awhile. We told her she was free to do whatever came to mind. This tough talking fiery redhead went right to work, acting like a teenage cock tease. She drove us wild as we watched her striptease act and how she played with that tight little ass of hers. Roxetta is one nasty little anal loving whore. The more we watched, the more excited she became as her pussy juices began to flow slowly down her leg. She then dipped two fingers in her pussy juice and began to finger her little chocolate rose bud. This anal whore fingered her ass hard, stretching it for us. I couldn’t take the teasing anymore and I had to tap that ass. My cameraman continued filming as I walked over to her and she began to give my throbbing cock a nice gentle tongue bath. Once I was well lubed up, I turned her around and plowed my meat monster deep into her ass. She moaned loudly and squeezed her ass hard, holding my cock in her ass. I pumped her hard that afternoon, stretching her tight ass. She then begged me to fill her ass up with my warm creamy jizz and I didn’t hesitate to do what she asked.

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